■■ ロバストについて ■■

姫路駅前で電源、Wifi、プリンタが使える仕事スペース レンタルオフィス、会議室もロバスト   姫路駅より徒歩5分。コワーキングスペース&カフェ ロバストです。

Close to Himeji Station, Electricity plugin, Wifi, printer can be used. Also, rental office space and a meeting room are also 5 minutes on foot from Himeji Station. It is the co-working Space & Cafe Robust.
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The first co-working space in Himeji, started in the autumn of 2011 as Robust. It was a year and a half after the first co-working space "Kafu-tsu" in Japan was made in Kobe. Recently, the co-working spaces which were only about 10 in Japan have increased to several hundreds by now; the scale and the operation forms are also various.


The core concept of co-working is that a community sharing a work and a workplace, thereby making big projects, developing new services, avoiding troubles well and more simply suppressing start-up expenses. Also, each user has enjoyed various merits according to their individual tasks.


Gnerally, the co-working space seems to be a common image that the start-up system venture, Web designer, consultant, etc. gather together and unite with "Let's launch new service!"
But I think that the definitions of "co-working" is not perfect. They do not become complete and will expand flexibly, so if you cross the various co-working spaces throughout the country you may be surprised by some of them. Even at our place, Robust, the space composition and the charge system are different from the majority of co-working space. It is used as a place to study individually, some company employees wearing suits in the company's business office as they go to work every day, meet with customers from outside the prefecture. Each has their own "co-working space".


Presently, there are currently 4 sites working as co-working spaces at Himeji. Besides Robust, there are Mocco, Denhakudo and Jokamachi-Guild. There is Toilinks in the neighboring Tatsuno City and it is managed as a redevelopment base of a castle town. Each place has characteristics and easiness of use also differs depending on people’s purpose, so I think that you can consult the place you like the most.


Characteristic for Robust is a lounge which strengthened its business service, aiming for the best location as business base for business travelers and sales representatives, company negotiations and presentation space. There are also a lot of equipment that guests can use, and with regard to office equipment such as printing and stationery, convenient items such as A1 size compatible printers and duplex scanners are available. Also, special items that can fix PC troubles are also provided.
We also provide business support by our staff. For example, by sending prepared documents by e-mail, it is possible to print / bind the necessary number, prepare as a meeting material. Please use it to reduce your working time and for office work substitution. For this Robust support, in addition to services to people using meeting rooms, anyone can order something and urgent work can be promoted efficiently. You could feel like hiring a time-based secretary. Also, for the business traveler's support, you can receive and ship using Takkyubin (a Post Service) and the shipping cost will be cheaper than the regular one. As many people in the world are working, I feel that there are too few places to support them, so I would like to increase what Robust can offer.


Robust space use is roughly divided into three types. One is a "LOUNGE" where guests can use without reservation. Next, "MEETING ROOM" which is reserved for use, and "OFFICE ROOM" dedicated to monthly contract members. I think that OFFICE ROOM is equivalent to "office-plan in general co-working space". In the "OFFICE ROOM", one works in a state that the face of the users can be seen, and in addition to focused work, consultation of work has been actively occurring. Many people are working at the office room, such as using all day from the morning until late or using it starting from the evening.


Robust thinks that communication is particularly important for work. For that reason, while carefully setting up a place of silent work, we value places where we can speak freely. The lounge becomes the center. It has various types of sofa seats so that business talks with customers can be done in a calm atmosphere. In addition, although music is always shed in the lounge, not only general classical but also various types of music are flowing in the high-resolutional environment according to the atmosphere of the day.  In Robust as a co-working space, it is possible to do things that cannot be done properly in hotel lounges, such as individual classrooms and interviews. You can use the lounge as a place to promote various business.


Also, according to the number of people attending the meeting (conference), meeting rooms can be used. The meeting room is equipped with a soft desk decoration, a desk set to narrow the width, and it has an indoor structure allowing you to talk intimately. This chair has from six legs and up to eight legs as the standard of the Steelcase corporation, famous for ergonomic designs, so you can concentrate on the story without worrying about time. I think that the attractiveness of the co-working space is that you can change your mood and do creative work as usual. Please choose the space that suits your mood and how you use it.